The Hasnur Group Forestry Business Unit performs in the Forestry Management that puts an emphasis onSustainable Sources, Sustainable Yields. The forestry management holds several stages of activities, namely: Planning, Forest Development, Research and Development as well as Product Marketing.

Jl. G. Obos No. 8 Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah
Telp: (+62-536) 3225431

Hasnur Group nowadays implements two silviculture systems, which uses the Indonesian Selective Logging System (TPT) and Selective Logging and Line Planting System (TPTJ-SILIN). The TPTI is a silvulture system that includes measures to limit logging and forest regeneration in diameter with a series of activities planned in the management of its forests, including logging, rejuvenation, and maintenance to ensure sustainability of forest timber or other forestry products.

The Selective Logging and Line Planting System (TPTJ-SILIN) is a Natural Forest Production Management that has now become an alternative forest management system to improve the quality of degrading natural forests through planting without a line system. The diameter limit in cutting is reduced to 40 cm, allowing more timber production per hectare of land.

In its CSR activities, the company has performed several forest development activities, which includes the implementation of nursing and purchase of seedling in the Nursery Area at PT. Barito Putera and PT. Hasnur Jaya Utama base camp among others. The company also conducts social management activities, better known as the Village Community Development or PMDH in the form of provision assistance in the construction of infrastructures, roads, bridges, schools, and other community facilities.

This business unit also takes part in research and development as Hasnur Group has established a cooperation with the University of Lambung Mangkurat Faculty of Forestry at Banjarmasin. The cooperation allows Hasnur Group’s nursery sites as a research and development center for forest preservation.